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The company named “Carpentry Ivan Ratković” was founded on June 1st 1963 by Ivan Ratković, the father of the current owner and is located adjacent to the family house in Varaždinske Toplice. Throughout the 40 years of running his business, Ivan Ratković has established many conditions for future progress before he turned his business over to his son Miljenko after his own retirement. The company had 7 employees.

After the takeover, Miljenko Ratković has made huge investment steps to develop the business furthermore. The basis for the investments were plants for thermal wood processing, drying and steaming kilns, a new sawmill, a bark peeling machine and other facilities which provide better working conditions.

Our employees represent the strength and the energy that activates everything. All of them meet annually at the traditional workers’ games organized by the company itself to give the employees a chance to socialize and exchange their opinions and new ideas. Increasing the investments and the capacity, the number of employees has become bigger, so that the company now employs over 85 people.

The business was crowned with the award for “The most successful small business in 2012”, which the company received from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts on the 50th anniversary of their foundation.

By new and constant investments the company offers recognizable high-quality cooperation with the existing as well as with new business partners.




nagradaThe Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts assigned Carpentry and Sawmill Ratković an award in the category  “The most successful small business in 2012”.


We create a recognizable reputation of a professional high-quality company in the production of sawn timber and  wood packaging material, in the production and installing of wood joinery and in the furniture production. Our products and services pride themselves on high-quality and reliability and set standards which others can be compared to and valued by.


Carpentry and Sawmill Ratković aspires to provide a reliable, safe and stable business partner for the buyers of our products amd services as well as for our suppliers.


When choosing our suppliers we set requirements for quality and environmental protection and we continually make sure that these are met. Raw materials are therefore purchased  exclusively from suppliers which own an FSC certificate.


We provide the best working conditions including the possibility of permanent professional and personal development of every employee.


We also care a lot about environmental protection making sure that our work meets all legal regulations and other demands. We are dedicated to a permanent management improvement and we take all steps to prevent any type of environment pollution.

We have taken up the obligation to produce wood products according to international standards whose goal is an ecologically responsible, socially beneficient and economically sustainable production.


An important role of all employees is achieving the goals of quality and environmental protection and meeting the demands of sustainable forest management which means that every employee contributes to the quality of our services and the acceptable impact of our production to the environment.
The focus of all activities lies on the removal of all inconsistencies which appear in the process which means that our priority is prevention and constant control of all activities.

Production programme

Production programme

- Palettes, sawn timber, wood joinery, wood drying and steaming....



Specialized in production of standard EURO palettes and thermally processed palettes.


Production of wood joinery and custom made furniture. Possibility of producing custom made kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, cabinets and other wooden furniture. We also offer help with designing and giving ideas how to furnish homes, offices and other living and working spaces.


We offer beech (steamed and unsteamed), beech (Europe)?, oak (Europe)? and other types of wood (ash, lime, walnut, cherry, larch, fir, spruce and others). The timber comes in various dimensions, depending on the arrangement.
Sawn timber from all types of wood and all dimensions.


We offer drying and steaming of all types of wood in all dimensions.


FSC, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2001


final_logo_fscThe FSC label on the product marks wood product produced in accordance with strict FSC criteria, i.e. it guarantees that the wood product from a tree to the end product is under constant control and it can be traced back to its origin. It is achievable if every link in the chain abides by the strict rules and regulations imposed by the FSC. An accredited FSC certificate proves that the forest is managed according to strict ecological, social and economic standards.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 14001ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally acclaimed norm by International Orranization for Standardization (ISO) which refers to quality management. Quality is what a buyer remembers most and successful organizations are those which are driven by quality-from the way they do business, over the level of their service to the product which they deliver. With that in mind we entered the proces of implementation of  ISO 9001:2008 standard which we successfully achieved in 2012. The  ISO 9001:2008 norm helps us guarantee the quality of our products and services and it becomes a crucial element of cooperation with foreign buyers.

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001 14001ISO 14001:2001 is an international norm which refers to environment management.The awareness of environmental problems and caring about the environment positively affect our company’s reputation. On the other hand, when it comes to environment, appropriate management contributes to positive economic results and increases competitiveness and becomes a crucial criteria in cooperation with foreign buyers.



Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words

Where we are?

Where we are?

Pilana i stolarija Ratković

Sjedište:Proizvodni pogon:
Ludbreška 2,
42223 Varaždinske Toplice

TEL: 042 633 744, FAX: 042 205 507

Miljenko Ratković, owner, MOB: 098 982 8335

Sanda Novak, administration, MOB: 099 598 4510
E-MAIL: sanda@pilana-ratkovic.hr




Centre and Production plant

Ludbreška 2,
42223 Varaždinske Toplice

Miljenko Ratković, owner
Sanda Novak, administration

TEL: +385 (0)42 633 744
FAX: +385 (0)42 205 507